Why Saying No is matter

Aef Setiawan
3 min readApr 5, 2020

We are familiar with biner opposition of thinking. Good and bad. Sweet and bitter. Day and night and so on. This type of thinking is useful to explain particular reality in our daily life. But, the problem our brain is wonted to think in binary opposition model.

Furthermore, our moral values said that we must do good things and avoid the bad one. Even though what we call as good and bed are quite relatives based on context, but our moral values tend to identify what is good as a specific one.

Feeding poor people identify as good things. If you have enough money, buy some food for them every day will consider you did good things. Even though it will make them become dependence. To feed themselves they rely on your charity. Of course, this is not good for their long term live and not solving their poverty.

In our daily life, we tend to say yes if your friends invite you to start a new business project. Even though you have many workloads but you tend to accept the invention. Then the consequences are you lost of the focus. In this article, I will share to you my little experience practising saying no.

Make the first done first

Abandon unfinished project and starting a new one is a bad habit. Even though the first project is tough, but there are no guarantee the second one easier and successful to do. That’s what before you starting every project you must prescribe the definition of done or finished first before accepting a new challenge.

I have Principe about to explore new things. If you starting a new project and you have zero experience in it, it will though for you. You will face failure and failure before you get success. Let I give you an example. Making a landing page and selling goods on Google are new for me.

Hence, I must talk to myself I must ready face the failures. The readiness facing the failures is one of the requirements for you to stepping forward. Because if I refuse starting making landing page cause of scared to the failures, I don't even know what SEO it is.

Using this Principe is one of my consideration when I decided to take or starting a new project. Starting a new things has less opportunity to succeed, but offering the high opportunity to stepping forward. However, doing something that I experience in it will give me more opportunity to succeed, but has the low opportunity to stepping forward.

Learn to Say No

Say no does not means you reject it all. But, saying no also means you did not take the task or the opportunity today, but you planned it tomorrow. Of course, to have ability saying no you must have priority plan. You should determine where the project that you will focus on.