Understanding Marketing

Aef Setiawan
2 min readJan 13, 2018


Most of the people misunderstand about the definition of marketing. The basic problem, in my opinion, is caused can not differ between telling and selling. I will build my story base on this two terms.

Marketing is related with the telling. Telling your product, your company, your bussines sistem even yourself as the founder.

Why do you need to tell? Because you have something that has benefit or certain values for people. Lets take a little example. If you are created a writing portal, such a web, it has benefit for both writer and reader.

The writer need a portal for displaying his writing. Then, the reader need a portal for reading various infomation from various readers. Till here, your portal has benefit and value for the both side.

So that, your next job is telling the benefit and value repeatedly to your reader and writer. Why repeteadly because you must make them remember your product everytime. When they want read an article or source, or wanna write something, the first thing who come in their mind is your portal.

So, marketing is not about how to earn money from your product. Markerting is about telling the benefit or market value to the target user. Although the goal of marketing is earn money, but it is better for you for avoid talking about it in your marketing process.

Because people usually sensitive if talking about money, athough it also depend on segmen. When doing a Marketing, please focuses on value or benefit. Do your product solve user problem? It is the important question.

If your product can solve their problem, they will pay it and don’t care about the price.

How about telling? I will tell you in next artikel