Think Across

Aef Setiawan
1 min readOct 5, 2017

When you are feeling smarter than others, for instance in your community, it mean the death of intellectual and personal are closer. Because this character will kill our passion in learning. We are lazy to learn more, because claiming our anchievment are the highest one.

The others problem comes when you are thinking your community are smartest one. The truth are only from them. This dangerous because you staying in an ecosystem which decrease passion in learning. You don’t want to look people in other community as a source of other inspiration and knowledge.

To improve our capability, we must avoid this character. Start to think that knowledge is everywhere, in every community, even in every person. We are learning everytime. Taking a new knowledge and giving knowledge to others. In modern technology, even we can get new knowledge from others and cross background and age. Now is the time for cross thinking.

Cross thinking are style of thinking where trying to cross limit of the border in age, background and community. It short, we are not only thinking in our community or our close friend, but we must have broad minded. To get a new knowledge we can connect to community and a person from different area or sector.

This thinking style, I think, is important today. Because I faced there many people even organization that close minded. They think smarter and not need increasing they knowledge. But, they go out from they find themselves are nothing.