The Power of Internet

The ministry of communication and informatics was proudly to declare banned hundreds negatif sites after depleting billions rupiah. For some reason, we appreciate what they have done for protecting youth generation. But, in other side, it seems like paradox.

If you types some keywords like “ how to unlock internet positif”, it will give you more tips and tricks. Even, chrome itself has plug in for unlocking the banned sites. So, could you imagine if all generations typing the unlocking keyword in Google, those billions are useless.

No, I’m not talking about internet positive or criticize the ministry policy, I want to discuss about how the powerful of internet itself. And its power couldn’t blocked by restrictions even disallowences.

Because, as a tool, internet, or in here I prefer called it Google, has both advantage and disadvantage. It will give you positive things if you use it for typing useful keyword. For example, searching photoshop tuturial,download ebook or making money.

For three weeks later, I have learned many things from Google. I got many knowledge and skill only by reading and watching video in YouTube. It is quite cheap and easier for me in learning Photoshop, User Interface and User Experience design even learning programming.

If I paid for those courses, I will spend millions of my check. But, greatly, I got it free. My capital is only a strong will and also wifi.

And the result is amazing. Now I can operate Photoshop, able to create UI and understand UX. I also make apps prototype using Justmind. Now, I’m going to learn programming and adobe in design. All of them I got freely from Google.

Then, I do believe, I can learn everything from Google. Even something that I never imagine before.



Internet Marketer

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