Put your knowledge into practice

Aef Setiawan
2 min readFeb 21, 2019

Since I often read many articles in the medium.com two years ago, I got tons of awesome knowledge shared by bloggers here. Mostly, I read about startup, entrepreneurship, agile methodology or others related to my primary job today: As a founder and rookie entrepreneur.

As a founder or entrepreneur, you must read a lot. Yes, making a company today is knowledge-base. So, reading is not such a hobby anymore, but rather as a consequence. You can access everything freely on the internet. Just typing some keywords, you will get what you want in seconds.

However, I realize that having a ton of knowledge is not enough today. Even you spend the whole day reading many books and various articles are not sumptuousness anymore. We can’t proud of something where many people do the same. So, what does matter for you today?

Couraging to put your pieces of knowledge into practices

I read many startup methodologies such as Agile and Lean Startup. But here, in Purwokerto, only few startup founders and rare of them understanding and practicing those methods. I couldn’t ask anyone unless google and it working enough.

So, I began boldness my self practicing what I know from Google. It tells me about Schrum method in building software, I have tried it in my team. And the result is not bad. After passed tons of trial and error, today Schrum running well on my team.

I’m also a big fan of Eric Ries and Ash Maurya and has been reading their books and blogs. I told my team and encouraging them practiced it in our startup. However, It doesn’t mean my startup is a lab for testing each method found. No. Our purpose to figure out which methods that fit and make our startup better.

Today, we have practiced Agile software development, Lean startup, Schrum and also the latest one, Lean Sprint. Even though haven’t yet set which method that fit, but I got a big lesson learned: You change the world by a practiced knowledge, not numbers of knowledge.