I joined organization in the first semester of my college. I joined four organization at the same period. HMI, PSHT, Kopkun and UKI. There were no clear reason actually when I joined those organization. As unadorned man, I just follow what my senior says. They told me that, if I joins organzation it will help me improving my leadership and my skill as well.

There was not easy at first time, actually. because I should arrange and manage my time, between my formal study and those organization activity. However, it made more understanding and awarding the times. because I had so many activities, I must managing and using my time effectively and efficienly.

Now, after four years I have leaved them one by one structurally. I was demissioner in PMAT and PSHT. And still active structurally in HMI and aslo Kopkun. In HMI I appointed as a secretary and in Kopkun Institute as an assitentant researcher.


Internet Marketer

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