My lesson this week

Aef Setiawan
3 min readMar 20, 2020

Today I want to share two things that I learned this week. The first is about the selling skill and the second is about strategy. With selling skill I have bad experience when I underestimated the skill. While with the strategy I have a lack of understanding.

So, in this article, I will share with you about my reflection this week. Hopefully, it will help you whether you are entrepreneur or not. Because these two things are actually a timeless skill.

And here are my two less this week.

Learn how to sell

The big mistake when I starting my business is underestimating marketing. At that time, I used to think that delegating marketing tasks to another co-founder is the right why. Then, I can be focused on other things in my business. But, now I realize that it was a big stupidity.

The ability to sell the goods or everything you have or make is the fundamental skill for entrepreneurs or even every human being. You need to know how to ‘sell’ your self to make friends with others. How you introduce yourself, your attitude, and characters will determine the quality of your social circle.

In business, perhaps, it is more complex. If you can’t sell the products you produce your business will not grow. Even, your company growth measured by how many sales you have at a particular time. Sales will bring revenue to your company.

Of course, you can delegate the marketing task to other people. You may hire someone that expert in it. However, if you don’t know the strategy of how to sell it will hurt you. So, the fundamental skill for entrepreneur is the ability how to sell. Yes, how to sell.

The strategy is about how tactic is about what

Sometimes, understanding what strategy and tactics are so confusing. Even though been reading so much strategy. But today I have my own reflection about what strategy and tactics are. The strategy is actually simple, it about how you do, or how you think.

Let me give you an example. If you have cash in the account about 1 billion dollars, and you have a plan founding a coffee shop this year. How do you execute your plan? Do you find the right place? Hiring the best interior designer in the town? Or hiring the best Barista?

If you think is about how this is a strategy. Let say, finally, you choose to find the right place for your coffee shop. It means you step to what you do. This is what we call tactics. Because tactics is about what you do. In this story what you do is get the best place for your coffee shop.

Then if you hard to find the best place, you need to re-thinking your strategy. And you turn of met the interior designer to get some insight. Then you drive your car to meet and talk with him. So, how you execute your plan is to meet the interior designers. And what you do is meet and talk with the designer.

Everyone has their own Episthem

Episteme in simple definition is about how you produce knowledge. In the medieval age, perhaps, many people watching an apple fallen from the tree. But why just Issac newton that invented Gravitasy theory, not others. This is because Issac Newton has an episteme that makes him able to think about gravity theory.

Let me give you a more simple example. If you are a home developer and one day you see a strategic land. What do you think? You automatically think about how to build a residence. Meanwhile, imagine a farmer see the same land. What the idea that comes up with his mind. Yes, we want to build a greenhouse and farming the seeds.

Everyone has their own episteme that drives his idea and his action. The quality of episteme will determine the quality of the Ideas. Usually, the idea determines the quality of information and references that he or she has. that why to increase the quality of our episteme we should filtering the quality of information and references.