My First Experience in UI/UX

Aef Setiawan
2 min readMar 19, 2018


When we decided to establish a start up, all of us, as founders are blind about it. We only know start up base on our rapid reading in internet, or hearing best practice from our friends.

Our idea was creating a marketplace for various services through mobile apps. The services are stretched from rent car to cleaning. Even we planned ten services in one apps. Sounds ambitious, absolutely.

I appointed as UX/UI designer. My job is designing the workflow, user interface, and communicating with programmer. It was first experience that force me to learn about what UI/UX is. I read a lot both of if from Medium or other sources in internet.

Designing User Interface (UI) was a big challenge for me. I forced to learn designing an elegan interface, an effective interaction design using a new tool : Adobe Photoshop. A software that I never use before. Although I have basic as graphic designer, and mastering Corel Draw, making UI was very different. It was all about challenge.

I succeed making many screens for our first time project, with unferpect designs everywhere of course. But it was a process that made me fascinated in product design. Now the project is still running, and I could not guest what will happen in the future.

But, I stay optimist and dreaming as entrepreneur one day. I wish one day, I become a product designer and succesfull entepreneur. Where my product apps loving by the users.

Unfortunately, I living in a small town where the creative or start up ecosistem have not existed. There are a few people who work as UI/UX designer in Purwokerto. But, luckily there are many source and articles who provide UI/UI learner.

I read, watch the tutorial in medium and youtube how to make case study or designing UI. To be expert in this area, there are no special tallent I think because it depends on our hardwork.