Learning By Purpose

Aef Setiawan
2 min readMar 4, 2020


Like the majority of sapiens on the planet, I rely on internet access for my daily activities. Learning new things, reading the news, or even making money from the Internet.

Yet, the Internet is the most boisterous space in the world. Everybody throws their noise, ideas, information, or knowledge to the Internet. And I get my self to consume too much information and knowledge.

Even though it offers an enormous opportunity, but it also distracts you from achieving the goals. Hence, I wanna share my thought about how to behave with plenty of information on the Internet.

Knowledge is abundance

The invention of the Internet makes the world connected to each other. The dissemination fo information becomes faster and faster. We can get new knowledge from someone else in America and another part of the world.

Using our gadget, we can learn marketing and selling from marketers guru such as Seth Godin. Learning leadership from Simon Sinek. Or, watching Gary Vee deliver his speech live.

People call this as abundance era

So, feeling great has tons of knowledge is not a kind of pride anymore. The myriad of the sources of knowledge free to access out there. You can get knowledge without spending any money.

Finding the relevant knowledge

Since knowledge is abundance on the internet, finding the relevant knowledge is a new skill. If you want to learn to sell something on Facebook, for example, reading a book about the history of western philosophy is not relevant.

Even though reading philosophy gives a deep understanding about your life, but it will not help you more to sell stuff online.

The relevant knowledge to improve your ability might come from simple articles. Let’s say about how to make good copy, or running A/B testing ads on Facebook.

Reading philosophy books just drain the energy and estrange you from the goals. In the end, you fail either to sell stuff online and being a philosopher.

Knowledge is a new distraction

Older people give a piece of advice to have plenty of knowledge. Reading more books or talking with expertise. It goods and wise, but frequently we trapped in irrelevant knowledge.

Internet provides tons of free ebooks. Many experts also make podcasting. Entrepreneurs or researcher shares their knowledge through blogging. These are free to access. But, not all of them are relevant to your goals.

If you want to get articles on how to make suitable ads on Facebook, but suddenly you spot an article about business management. If you read it, you are distracted immediately.

Random knowledge is a distraction. Hence, make sure you have a good plan. If you plan to learn how to sell the stuff online, for example, you also panned what knowledge you want to know.

Planning is the key (continue)