In organization, at least, there are two types of people. First is conceptor types, secondly is excecutor type. The first one is skilled in thinking abstractly dan driving a discource in organization. The fresh ideas usually comes from them. The second one is skilled in working technically which usualy work in the field.

Sometimes those types is crashed each others. As a conceptor they think their position is important, because an idea is valuable. Then, thinking a new concept is not easier sometimes. Need work hard and stressfull. Coversely, the excecutors feels tehir position is important, too. Because without them, concept is only concept even become a myth.

In my opinion, a conceptor is important in organization. But it doesn’t mean excecutor is not importnat. However, to be a good conceptor is not easy because it not deeply thinking and reading too many books and experiences. Because as a thinkers your forced to think in details and breakdown an big ideas into working details.

because it is hard, the number of conceptors is minority in an organization. However, its position will determine the development and sustainability of the organization. Withoug them, organization will monoton, lack of innovation. However, in other hand, it doent mean excektor are not improtnt.

Both of them could working together in harmony actuallu.



Internet Marketer

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