Being Anti Capitalism

Aef Setiawan
2 min readJan 11, 2018


I have many friends that declare themselves as anti-capitalism as political view. They criticize it as unproper ideology which caused many human disaster around the world. Dehumanitation, extreme poverty, and unfair economic competition are little example why they reject capitalism.

Some of them offering socialism as the alternatif. Socialism itself actually has many variation, from moderate to extreme view. However the root actually same : the communal living where the people owning together the mode of production.

Personally, I chosen socialism as my ideology. But not socialism as define the Marxism. I tend to Indonesian socialism who formulated by Muhammad Hatta which known as Sosialisme Indonesia.

Unfortunately in this note, I’m not discussing what Indonesian socialism is. Cause it need much paragraph in explaining. In sum of Hatta thought, he declares that cooperative is the proper mode of production in Indonesia.

Cooperative, as a mode of production, is an equal tool for competing corporation. The mode of production of capitalism. When you choosing cooperative, concious or unciosness, you are in anti capitalism side. Your job is shit capitalism in ass.

When you founding and managing a company, your working indicator is real. You can assest it by, generally, for example, how much the revenue in a year, the salary of the employee and the image brand of your company.

So that, you can not use jargon for achieving your ideology and some abstract indicator. In working, your job is not only reading super abstract theories. Your job, sometimes, makes you become a salesman who sell your product to costumer.

It is about techical and detail problem. Who can work in details and mastering technical aspect, they has large opportunity to win. For being successful, you need mastering marketing plan, people management, or accountancy for example.

Cooperative, philosophically, positioned human not capital as the strength. So that, if you are working in cooperative you must be a learner human. You must be a hard learner and hard worker at the same time, because you are the center of company.

When you are designing material print for instance, you must give your best that you can. Because your not only working for money, but as a part of struggling your ideology. When your design result is worse, it is mean your are lose from capitalism designer.

It is sound easy, but when you begin to try, you will know that it is not easy. And I do believe, our losing is start in technic area not in ideology.