How to Reduce Your Anxiety

Aef Setiawan
3 min readNov 26, 2020

When you start loving on something, you begin thinking about it time by time, day by day. This is what happens to me when I am beginning Facebook ads, I always check the dashboard and overthink about it.

The patten actually similar when you are dating a girl or a man for the first time. You never stop thinking about her, almost every minutes. The girl that you loves takes your attention.

But the questions which come to my mind is: this is necessary? Thinking the things every time is change nothing actually. Staring at Facebook ads dashboard will not change the number of sales.

Thinking much to your girlfriend doesn’t make she loves you more.
Then in this blog, I try to identify why this pattern happens and find a way to manage it.


Why I always checking my ads manager is actually simple: Anxiety. I think this the root. The more you anxiety with the things, the more you think about it. If you feel anxious if your girlfriend leaves you, it makes your anxiety every day.

To make simple I use managing complex change framework to analyze the anxiety. From this picture hopefully, we can identify where the problem is and solve it correctly.

Managing complex change

Let see at the picture in the third row. You will see the cause of anxiety comes from having a vision, lack of skill, incentives, resources, and action. For me this picture related to my anxiety problem.

Why I never stop staring at my ads dashboard because I have lack skill on it. I’m a beginner in Facebook ads, just starting just a few months ago. Because I have a lack of skill, or in another word, lack of experience.

The less skill you have, the more anxiety you are. For a while, this framework relates to me and helping me to identify where the problem is.

Hence, the solution is two: managing the mind and improving the skills

Manage the mind

First, you have to manage your mind. To train the mind I love using the kaizen approach that differentiated between value and waste (Muda). In Kaizen value is somethings that creates benefit, while Muda is wasting the resources.

In my life context as a Facebook advertiser, times are the most valuable resources. Spending it with anxiety is a serious problem. It is a Muda, a waste.

To Avoid Muda (waste) I usually make a checklist to identify things that valuable when learning Facebook ads. I’ll show you some of them as an example:

  1. Learn the cheapest testing method to get a winning campaign
  2. Learn how to scale out the winning campaign
  3. Learn the fundamental before scaling up the business

With make a list, I can manage my mind then get focus only on valuable thinks.

Improve the skills

After making a checklist about the valuable thinks, the next is practice the technical skills. There is money technical skill in Facebook ads that I’m not mastery yet.

And the good news is every technical aspect can be trained, can be taught. The more I train, the more skilful I’am. The higher my skill, the less anxiety I’m.

So, I think this is the formula to reduce anxiety by practice more. Because if we master the thinks in will inject more confidence. It similar actually when you start the competition. When you train well, you can face the competition confidently.