When I started an online shop a year ago, exactly on 15th November 2020, my goal were simple. Building a piece of bussiness that generate enough money for living.

The journey begun. After struggling for five month I received my first salary. Only IDR 500K. Small number but it was quick win. The bussiness are growing over 50% every month.

Today I got salary on routine basis. Enough for paying basic needs, start saving, pay my brother tuition and so on. My skill to make money dramatically improved. Able to raise revenue nearly IDR 1 B just in four month.

I my first goal achieved.Thank to god and huge of kind people who involved. 2021 is two month left. It is the time to starting new journey.




Internet Marketer

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Aef Setiawan

Aef Setiawan

Internet Marketer

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