Coffee in long weeked

Aef Setiawan
2 min readFeb 16, 2018

You may utilize sosial media for everything you want, both positive and negative. You can share good status or hoax, making status or some comments. Or it is also able for seeking a boy or girlfriend.

In my long journey of social media, I used to do those activities. Shared good or hoax, made statuses and comments. But, I was never using it as a tool for seeking any womens. Too dangerous I think.

Positively, I got many good friends from social media, especially facebook. Starting from following account, liking the status or typing comment sometimes, it ended with knowing each others.

Today, one of my social media friends, visited me in Purwokerto. He is natively from this town, but have been studying in Jogjakarta. Styding Engineer in UII and Master in UGM. Then in this long weekend, he visit to his parent’s house.

Initially, we were agreed to meet in Kopkun. We had a little chit chat before we went to a coffe shop. I accompanied by Mulkan, one of my working partner. After ordering coffe we started to discuss everything. Transversing from technology to politics.

This is the second time I meet him. About for month ago, I met him in Jogja in Lico Coffe. Unfortunately, when in Jogja, whe had not talk a lot cause he had bussines.

We ended our meeting till the coffee shop closed. After taking photo we saying goodbye. And promise to visit him when we comes to jogja someday.