Changing reading method

Aef Setiawan
1 min readSep 4, 2017

I had been started reading activity since I was first semester in university. Basiccaly, my reading habit was formed in my chilhood by my elder sister. However, in my senior high school I ruined that habits because I was too busyt with my game for three years. And when I was university student I tried to bulid it again with forcing my self to reading many books.

In the first time, when I’ve started reading, My method was reading by index. That mean I’m not reading whole book but just open particular part of the book that I need untill finished. It became my methode for almost four years untull I write this articel actually. I bought at least a book in month but I never finish it. Yes, when you visit my boardinghouse you will see my little collection, however although its a little but I haven’t finsihed it yet.

Now, after I got a meme that says “ a great CEO read average 60 books in a years “ it is really striking my head. Because as studnet, which have too many leasure time, logically I can red book more than them. Whearas, as a CEO they are very busy but still have time to reading to many books. Since reading book is important, so I must challange myself for reading more than CEO because I students.

I must change my method in reading books, form index to reading it untill finish. Now, I targetted 5 book per month and I must read it untull finish.