Avoid a Drafter

Aef Setiawan
1 min readJul 16, 2020

Avoid people who have good ideas but no willingness to execute and involve in details. Or somebody who claims himself as a drafter, avoid him. Once you bring them into your team, soon you will find yourself working alone.

They just sit down at the chair, boasting to their ideas. If your work showing a result they will claim it as they work publicly. Then, left you behind.

I saw many types of people like this in various project and business that I evolved. They produce fabulous ideas every single day. Then asked others to test it in the field. If the idea doesn’t work, they come up with a new solution that actually solves nothing.

Bring someone who able to produce ideas and willingness to execute every single of details. Furthermore, you will get a teammate that work as hard and smart as you.