Action vs Wishes

Everyone has desire and wishes. I want to be an entrepreneur, doctors, accountant someday. Making wishes seem easy, everybody can do that oftentimes. However, how to make our desire comes true is not routine making a wish a day, but an action.

But making an action is not easy for some reason. It does not only happen to you but also for me. I have many wishes after the end of this pandemic, but the problem is, just having a wish will not make you go anywhere. Because I believe every action is valuable so I learn how to be an action-based person.

In this article, I want to share how I train myself being an action-based person by doing small things.

Actionable planning

Deliberate planning helps me to avoid overthinking in my daily. By make time for planning, I can set long, middle, and short term goal. Then, I write down the to-do action list in paper or apps like Evernote. With the action list, I will focus on action, not on thinking.

The action plan is very important because in the middle of time you will face many detractors. If you don’t have a good plan, you will lose your focus. If lost the focus, you will back to your previous habit. Action without any goal or planning.

However, making yourself flexible is important. Because the reality is complex and your to-do action is not relevant anymore. So you just changed and replace it with the better one.




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Aef Setiawan

Aef Setiawan

Internet Marketer

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